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Error Setting Outbound Mcast Interface

Change directory to /usr/local/bin: cd /usr/local/bin Now hold on Windows guys, we're going back to the ANSI BBS days! Discover which products truly live up to the hype. It should be aliased to ipvs.h MAX..IFNAME.. Discussion Roger Tsang - 2005-11-08 Logged In: YES user_id=1246761 Checked in a fix.

For more information, see interfaces(5). # The loopback network interface auto lo iface lo inet loopback # The primary network interface allow-hotplug eth1 iface eth1 inet static address netmask I am a newbine to Linux, can you tell me who can I check it? Both nodes should detect > > split-brain and go to StandAlone. Start reading now. > > > > _______________________________________________ > > ssic-linux-devel mailing list > > [email protected] > > > > > > > > ------------------------------------------------------- > SF email is

When prompted select yes to initialize the virtual HD. There are a number of partners that are now part of the Microsoft UC Load Balancer Interoperability Qualification program. If you're considering Windows NLB I would highly recommend that you don't. javafun, Jul 19, 2008 #3 javafun New Member I also have another question when I use /etc/ha.d/resource.d/LVSSyncDaemonSwap master status to check both load balancing server status, I found both of them ---------------------------------------------------------------------- You can respond by visiting: ------------------------------------------------------- SF.Net email is sponsored by: Tame your development challenges with Apache's Geronimo App Server. The other advantage is that DSR provides client transparency to the real server. E.g. 12-34-56-78-90-AB The real CAS server then accepts the packet and responds directly to the client. Discover which products truly live up to the hype. Thread at a glance: Previous Message by Date: /proc/cluster/node1/* Hello What data does files /proc/cluster/node1/level and /proc/cluster/node1/loadlevel have ? Also all bond0 slaves are directly connected to the other node, not on any gigE switch yet. Now let's activate the VIP by clicking on the Virtual Servers tab, selecting our "Exchange-443" VIP and click the "(DE)ACTIVATE" button. Conclusion I hope this article has provided some insight into how load balancers work, how to configure them with Exchange 2010, and also to provide you a possible solution in your

In the sending program field enter: /usr/local/bin/lvs_check_owa %h %p Then enter OK to the Expect field and click Accept. Let me first say that I have a deep knowledge of the Windows OS but my Linux knowledge is, well, about as deep as a kiddie pool after a day of this effects +# how far the multicast packet will propagate. (0-255) +# [loop] toggles loopback for outbound multicast heartbeats. +# if enabled, an outbound packet will be looped back and +# In short it works like this: The client sends the TCP packet to the Virtual IP (VIP) of the load balancer e.g.

Please don't fill out this field. Then repeat the process for the second CAS server. No, create an account now. Enter: chkconfig pulse on chkconfig piranha-gui on chkconfig httpd on Next we'll configure a password for Piranha.

Restart the network service by entering: service network restart confirm the ip binding by entering ifconfig Next we'll install the Linux Virtual Server and Piranha (the Load Balancer GUI) packages. The install will begin – make sure you have all of the CD or DVD iso required for the install. Please scrutinize if you are so inclined ;-) -chris -------------- next part -------------- diff -ruNa heartbeat-0.4.8i-no_mcast/doc/ heartbeat-0.4.8i/doc/ --- heartbeat-0.4.8i-no_mcast/doc/ Thu Nov 9 10:48:19 2000 +++ heartbeat-0.4.8i/doc/ Fri Dec 29 03:25:40 2000 Open Device Manager, right click on server name, install legacy device.

Now log back into the Piranha interface on both the 01 and 02 server. All Rights Reserved. Although I'm not 100% sure, I suspect Windows NLB is using a hash table of the source IP network rather than using a true /32 bit mask table in memory. Now go back to the 01 server's Piranha GUI and click on the ‘Control/Monitoring' link.

To simulate drbd split-brain use drbd > >>>>userspace utilities to force primary on your secondary drbd node. > >>>> > >>>>Maybe we can consider releasing this for use with SSI-1.2.1-FC after When you've completed all the virtual servers tab should look like this After the config changes are made, restart the pulse service using "service pulse restart". Biederman

PreviousbyDate: [PATCH 2/3] IPVS: Change of register_pernet_subsys to register_pernet_device, Hans Schillstrom NextbyDate: Re: [PATCH 3/3] IPVS: init and cleanup restructuring., Simon Horman PreviousbyThread: Re: [PATCH 2/3]

The status should show all TCP ports routing and healthy: Implementing a smarter health check for Outlook Web.

While the install is running, download the Hyper-V Linux Integration Services here: After Centos installs and reboots, the setup agent will run. See the + * GNU General Public License for more details. + * + * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License + * along with Although this is not critical, I run the System Services Tool and disable the Bluetooth, CUPS (Printing Services) and Sendmail services. FULL_CONN_SIZE : + SIMPLE_CONN_SIZE; if (buff) { m = (struct ip_vs_sync_mesg_v0 *) buff->mesg; /* Send buffer if it is for v1 */ - if (!m->nr_conns) { + if (buff->head + len

Now go back to the Centos shell of the 01 server and copy the config file to the 02 server by entering the command: scp /etc/sysconfig/ha/ [email protected]:/etc/sysconfig/ha/ If you are prompted I was performing some DRBD failovers and have noticed everytime during failover on the console "IPVS: Error setting outbound mcast interface." This happens when I'm using bonding, so my sync_interface is Let's quickly do the math. Check This Out Have you figured out the reason behind the message?

Please don't fill out this field. In my example, it is Now let's configure the load balancer. Start reading now. Open back up the Piranha web GUI, select the Exchange_443 VIP's radio button and click ‘edit'.

If your load allows (the SMB), I would definitely test the Kemp Virtual Load Balancer. With that said, hopefully this article will help provide you with a better understanding around how load balancers work and may even offer a very low cost open-source option to your Do you > >>see any problems with this? > >> > >>En Chiang > >> > >>Roger Tsang wrote: > >> > >>>Use this one instead. If, however, you were going to deploy this solution in a virtualized environment, you may simply want to rely on the integrated features of Live Migration, Vmotion, and/or VM clustering to

You cannot run Windows NLB on a DAG member. This means you just added two or more additional Windows, Exchange, Forefront/AV, etc. To simulate drbd split-brain use drbd > >>>>userspace utilities to force primary on your secondary drbd node. > >>>> > >>>>Maybe we can consider releasing this for use with SSI-1.2.1-FC after Since we want to run a slim deployment of Centos, we'll want to remove all of the GUI options so at the package selection, remove the following: Desktop – Gnome (all

I also tested the force kernel panic feature > >>>on drbd split-brain detection during CFS root failover. > >>> > >>>This supercedes all previous drbd-ssi patches including > >>>drbd-0.7.10-ssi_rc* patches. Discover which products truly live up to the hype. Next activate the real servers by clicking on each server's radio button then click the "(DE)ACTIVATE" button. You'll notice that the routing table is now active.

It should + * receive the rest of the line after the mtype. Sign up for the SourceForge newsletter: I agree to receive quotes, newsletters and other information from and its partners regarding IT services and products. Now power up the Centos LVS 01 server and log in as root. Thanks. > >>> > >>>-Roger > >>> > >>> > >>>On Tue, 8 Mar 2005 22:46:05 -0500, Roger Tsang > >>>wrote: > >>> > >>> > >>>>DRBD-SSI is a contributed