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Error Setting Property On Scriptable Plugin Object

Qt Script lets you control what happens to the underlying C++ QObject when the wrapper object is reclaimed (i.e., whether the QObject is deleted or not); you do this when you You signed out in another tab or window. The object will "override" the default object that the engine constructed (i.e., the default object will simply be discarded internally). Call this in your class: HtmlPage.RegisterScriptableObject("Page", this); Call the Silverlight methods marked as Scriptable from your javascript like this: function CenterMap(latitude, longitude) { var silvercontrol = document.getElementById("ctl00_cphMain_slControl"); if (silvercontrol) silvercontrol.Content.Page.CenterOnCoordinates(latitude, longitude); Source

Click Probe Flash Object I see nothing in the JavaScript console window with either Flash Player 8 or 9. To connect to a signal, you reference the relevant signal as a property of the sender object, and invoke its connect() function. However, it is also possible to access the built-in arguments object itself (the one referred to by the arguments variable in script code), by calling the QScriptContext::argumentsObject() function. Accessing Properties The properties of the QObject are available as properties of the corresponding QtScript object.

This enables us // to say var myObj = new MySensor(); NPObject *sWindowObj; NPN_GetValue(m_pNPInstance, NPNVWindowNPObject, &sWindowObj); NPObject *mySensorObject =NPN_CreateObject(m_pNPInstance,GET_NPOBJECT_CLASS(MySensorPluginObject)); NPVariant v; OBJECT_TO_NPVARIANT(mySensorObject, v); NPIdentifier Example: class MyObject : public QObject { Q_OBJECT ... }; Q_DECLARE_METATYPE(MyObject*) QScriptValue myObjectToScriptValue(QScriptEngine *engine, MyObject* const &in) { return engine->newQObject(in); } void myObjectFromScriptValue(const QScriptValue &object, MyObject* &out) { out = qobject_cast(object.toQObject()); Or gavin?

The other three functions will automatically be made available in QtScript because they are declared in the public slots section of the class definition. This is useful for debugging purposes. If, on the other hand, you want your constructor to behave as if it was called as a constructor (with new), you have to explicitly create a new object (that is, I've created the xaml page (which is working fine because I can see the things moving when hosted in html page) then here is the asp:Silverlight object

If you want to make such a class new-able from scripts, Qt Script can generate a reasonable script constructor for you; see QScriptEngine::scriptValueFromQMetaObject(). However, this knowledge is not essential in the simplest cases. These two functions behave identically to QObject::findChild() and QObject::findChildren(), respectively. While there seems to be no problems with property access (read or write) method calls are failing with the "NPMethod called on non-NPObject wrapped JSObject!" exception.

Determine if a coin system is Canonical Is the NHS wrong about passwords? A single Qt Script function can act as both getter and setter for a property. Comment 22 Tony Chung [:tchung] 2009-08-05 23:54:28 PDT I confirm the error on linux using the testcase from comment 8. So, instead of making all your QObjects available to the scripting engine, just add the wrapper QObjects.

In it, you'll get: The week's top questions and answers Important community announcements Questions that need answers see an example newsletter By subscribing, you agree to the privacy policy and terms Yes, I can reproduce the issue, using a recent trunk debug build and "Shockwave Flash 8.0 r24" (according to about:plugins). When we call tempObj.sensorType = 'temperature'; the first thing the framework does is to determine whether this property exists, by calling the HasProperty function:bool MySensorPluginObject::HasProperty(NPIdentifier name) { // Called by Firefox: Error enumerating properties on scriptable plugin object No Graph rendered.

Launch Win Firefox on Win XP 3. this contact form Comment 14 Cees T. 2006-08-18 14:11:59 PDT Flash player 8,0,22,0 in Opera 9.01 returns "undefined". How to Design and Implement Application Objects This section explains how to implement application objects and provides the necessary technical background material. Basic Usage To evaluate script code, you create a QScriptEngine and call its evaluate() function, passing the script code (text) to evaluate as argument.

Any attempt to access properties of the script object will, however, result in a script exception being thrown. For example, a constructor function that constructs QObjects only to be used in the script environment is a good candidate: QScriptValue myQObjectConstructor(QScriptContext *context, QScriptEngine *engine) { // let the engine manage For example, if you have a QDialog with a child widget whose objectName property is "okButton", you can access this object in script code through the expression myDialog.okButton Since objectName is have a peek here You can obtain an error message from the resulting Error object.

Controlling QObject Ownership Qt Script uses garbage collection to reclaim memory used by script objects when they are no longer needed; an object's memory can be automatically reclaimed when it is function myInterestingScriptFunction() { // ... } // ... A value of any type can be supplied as an argument to any function.

Remember to specify the QScriptValue::PropertyGetter/QScriptValue::PropertySetter flag(s), otherwise the only thing that will happen is that the setter will be invoked with an invalid QScriptValue as its argument!

The call to SetVariable succeeds in that case (perhaps a timing issue?). This ownership mode is appropriate if the QObject does not have a parent object, and/or the QObject is created in the context of the script engine and is not intended to They can be stored in variables and passed as arguments to other functions. dwEvent = WaitForMultipleObjects( 1, hWaitHandles, FALSE, pSensor->m_iPollInterval); switch (dwEvent) { case WAIT_OBJECT_0: { goto _exitThread; } case WAIT_TIMEOUT: {

Default Conversion from C++ to Qt Script The following table describes the default behavior when a QScriptValue is constructed from a C++ type: C++ TypeDefault Construction voidQScriptEngine::undefinedValue() boolQScriptValue(engine, value) intQScriptValue(engine, value) The following guides and references cover aspects of programming with ECMAScript and Qt. The activation object can be used to prepare local variables that should be available when a script is evaluated inline; this can be viewed as a way of passing arguments to Check This Out Find out whether the function was called with the new operator (the significance of this will be explained later).

Get the activation object (the object used to hold local variables). Any ideas, hints? Now, the script writer can define a function and connect to the object like this: function enabledChangedHandler( b ) { print( "state changed to: " + b ); } function init() In fact, any script function can act as a constructor function (i.e., any function can serve as the operand to new).

Learning resources Microsoft Virtual Academy Channel 9 MSDN Magazine Community Forums Blogs Codeplex Support Self support Programs BizSpark (for startups) Microsoft Imagine (for students) United States (English) Newsletter Privacy & cookies I've tried Firefox on WinXP with both Flash Player 8 and Flash Player 9r16. Comment 12 Cees T. 2006-08-18 07:36:11 PDT My testcase shows the bug when run locally. If your function takes arguments for which Qt Script does not handle conversion, you need to supply conversion functions.

This makes it possible for a script to use expressions like object.x instead of object.getX(); the getter/setter function for x will implicitly be invoked whenever the property is accessed. Alternatively, the function can return the this object itself. qulonglongQScriptValue(engine, qsreal(value)). To gain total control of property access in this way, you need to subclass QScriptClass.

Should the attachment in comment #8 be run locally?