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Error Setting The Recommended Baselines For This Stream

Checkpoint baselines can be converted to incremental baselines and incremental baselines can be converted to full baselines. The error only seemed to occur for a subset of records though. Internal Error detected in "../map_cache.c" line 2191 cleartool: Error: View tag "": ClearCase object not found cleartool: Error: Operation "view_get_handle_by_tag" failed: error detected by ClearCase subsystem. If "Create a Component in a VOB" and the specified VOB is a single-component VOB.

Updated: 12/20/11 Version: This error occurred after renaming a component that was a sub-VOB component. After filling in the required fields click OK, and you are prompted to enter a view to use: Note: The operation can only be completed within a view context, but you Option 2 To create a baseline with a custom name across one component in a stream, use the following command: To Create an Incremental Baseline: cleartool mkbl -component component:@\ -identical Creating script file cvt_data ... 2.

You don't have sufficient permissions in the PVOB to create a component object. ct deliver -complete -stream stream:[email protected] -force -reset -to new-integration-view Back to the INDEX. The UCM metadata, such as change set membership and baseline labels, cannot transition from one component to another. These error messages occurred when attempting to set a view to an acitivity.

Example: %> cleartool diffbl stream:Integration1 stream:Deliver1 -> change_dir "change_dir" >> change_dir_2 "change_dir_2" >> test36 "test36_2" The following symbols are used to describe the results of a comparison: Symbol Meaning << The When the following command was run from the CLI after receiving the error, the same error occurred again for the same number of unlinked records, but they got UCMUtilityActivity records this The more streams you have accessing a project, the more deliver and rebase operations you can run. Note: If there is no VOB available to be restored, please contact IBM Rational ClearCase Support and have the below information ready.

maintaining brightness while shooting bright landscapes Does chilli get milder with cooking? cleartool dump project:project_name 5. However, there will not be any conflict if you try to change the baseline of a non-modifiable component. 21. weblink Note: You can get the UseBaseline hyperlink and Branch type information by performing a cleartool describe -long on each stream.

cleartool: Error: No tag in region for view "uuid". Back to the INDEX. Does anyone have any suggestions? Make all the statements true Determine if a coin system is Canonical Appease Your Google Overlords: Draw the "G" Logo How do computers remember where they store things?

There are additional options for use with the cleartool mkbl command, see the IBM Rational ClearCase Command Reference, or run cleartool man mkbl. find more info After entering the required fields click OK and the new component will appear under the Components folder in Project Explorer: CLI Open a Command Prompt (cmd) > set into a Right-click the baseline and select Properties > Activites tab: CLI - cleartool describe Command syntax: cleartool describe baseline:@\PVOB Example: C:\>cleartool des baseline:[email protected]\pvob1 baseline "proj1_new_baseline" created 2006-07-17T21:38:48-04 by [email protected] owner: Are there any rules or guidelines about designing a flag?

Review the ClearCase Reference Guide on the topic of fmt_ccase (cleartool man fmt_ccase) for more information on formatting strings for command output. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up cleartool error: Unable to rebase stream up vote 1 down vote favorite 1 Can't rebase stream to the foundation baseline. This command will list all baselines for a given component and show which streams are attached to each baseline. Non-existent baseline: oid:9caad4e5.40664583.8a56.55:ed:36:6b:[email protected]\XMLEdge Unable to get member baseline of composite baseline "Snoopy_03_12_02" Unable to enter member baselines of composite baseline "Snoopy_03_12_02" into foundation.

Note: A similar error occurs during a deliver operation as well as a make baseline (mkbl) operation. Use the -fmt switch to format your describe or lsactivity output. The stream/branch name cannot be the same as the activity. Check This Out Cause The VOB to which the UCM Component references was removed using the cleartool rmvob command (or was manually removed).

The error occurred when attempting to rename the directory in the VOB. Adding baseline "Server_Project_05_18_02_beta.2735" of new component "IceCream" cleartool: Error: Can't use baseline "Server_Project_05_18_02_beta.2735" of component "IceCream" because it is not a baseline from a stream in the same project as this How do I understand about the number of modifiable components and performance Deliver and rebase operations attempt to check all the components in a project to see which files have

Try running cleartool checkvob -ucm -fix baseline:[email protected], and if that does not work, then proceed with workaround #2. 2.

In this case, the database was moved and the UCM Project reconnected to it by clicking "Ensure All Activities Are Linked" in Project Explorer -> project -> Properties -> ClearQuest. A new baseline includes the work developers have delivered to the integration stream since the last baseline. The best way to determine if two activities need to be delivered together is to attempt a deliver of one activity by itself. Update the snapshot view load rules to include the component that you added to the stream, if applicable These instructions are in IBM Rational ClearCase Managing Software Projects > Managing the

Going to be away for 4 months, should we turn off the refrigerator or leave it on with water inside? The error occurred because we tried to change the recommended baseline for one of the read-only components. How would a vagrant civilization evolve? this contact form Set stream policy for lli_UNIT.TEST.cmd-contextchstream-polPOLICY_CHSTREAM_UNRESTRICTED-cview Updatedpoliciesonstream"lli_UNIT.TEST".SEE ALSO deliver, lsstream, mkstream, rebase, rename, rmstream SPONSORED LINKS ClearCase Links•ClearCase Books•ClearCase Commands Reference•ClearCase Forums•ClearCase NewsWebsite and system are Copyright © 2005-2006 ClearCase Commands

In this case, the PVOB had been synced, but not the component. How do I understand symbol definitions of -> and >> when diffing UCM baselines The cleartool diffbl command compares the contents of two baselines or streams and displays any differences