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Error Setting Up Xml Tree Frx

TF26154: Work item type Import failed. TF26167: The query name was empty. Remove the reference or correct the work item type definition and try again. Specify a different file version and try again. Check This Out

Time: {1}6 TF30290: There was a problem accessing the database on the server. TF14024: The item {0}5 was specified more than once TF14025: The workspace cannot be created or updated because there were duplicate working folder mappings supplied. TF26062: Rule '{0}7' is not supported for the field '{0}6'. TF26031: The Team Foundation Server returned a field type that was not recognized. recommended you read

TF14019: The changeset {0}2 does not exist. TF10195: Source control cannot branch from the root node. Change the value for field '{0}1' to an area where you have write permissions. TF31005: Team Foundation cannot retrieve the list of team projects because it is not able to connect to Team Foundation Server {1}1.

Remove the {2}3 and try again. Would you like to replace it? TF24001: Field '{0}0' has an unsupported value. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down.

Expected a valid absolute Uri but read "{0}9". TF15040: The statistics file has been tampered. Do you want to continue? TF14070: Cannot resolve a conflict with AcceptMerge when {1}2 was deleted on the server.

TF24011: You are not currently connected to a Team Foundation Server. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Verify the scripts are perfectly executed. TF15013: The requested Team Foundation Server is not registered with the proxy server.

TF30168: The New Team Project Wizard experienced a failure checking your permissions to create projects. TF30167: The New Team Project Wizard could not finish creating the project {0}9. TF14007: You may not cloak the root folder {0}5. TF10098: {0}4 arguments cannot contain {0}3 TF10099: {0}2 was not found on the Team Foundation Server.

Change the name of either the object you are copying or the target folder. TF14081: The item '{0}4' could not be merged into the target tree because no related item in the target tree could be found. TF14082: Cannot lock item {0}3 for merging. TF30329: The item you are copying or moving has the same name as the target folder and is a child of that folder.

Try again. TF10172: The version number {0}3 is not found or supported. TF14048: The field name '{1}5' may not exceed 64 characters. this contact form TF26205: Workitem Type Import failed.

Team Foundation Server URL: {1}4.. TF14038: The fileCacheRoot configuration value was not provided. TF30312: Cannot set RequiredItemTag to null or empty string.

TF30318: ColumnsPickerControl: SpecialAvailableVirtualColumns items did not have SpecialFieldInfo set.

TF30317: ColumnsPickerControl: SelectedVirtualColumns items were not of type VirtualColumn. The conflict must be resolved before shelving. Maybe for Sage PFW or one of the others. TF26059: The query name is not recognized.

Please contact your Team Foundation Server administrator. The process template must contain a single Groups node. TF15028: An error occurred while downloading a file from the application tier. It must be less than 64 characters, cannot end with a space or period, and cannot contain any of the following characters: ";/:<>|*?, double back-slash TF10164: The URL is not found

TF30072: The Team Foundation Server trial period has expired or its license is otherwise invalid. TF10177: The annotation {0}8 cannot be accessed through the public interface. Wait a few minutes and try again. TF30190: The process template contains a duplicate artifact ID: artifactId {0}1 in Task {0}0 from Group {1}9.

TF30330: Team Explorer cannot write to the project list configuration file. Add a definition for this field, or remove the reference to the field and try again. Contact your Team Foundation Server administrator. TF30054: You must set the event log source, instance, and Watson reporting name.

TF26185: Team Foundation does not support link paths over {0}6 characters long. TF15022: Invalid CacheRoot folder. TF10176: The path for '{0}9' exceeded the limit of 248 characters for a directory, or 260 for a directory and file name. Unable to upload process template.

TF10180: The Team Foundation source control server {0}9 is not available. ArtifactId: {0}0 from Group {1}9 TF30009: The New Team Project Wizard was not able to open the project creation log file. Shutting down the current AppDomain TF14001: The source control server state {1}1 has been set to '{1}0' by an administrative action on {0}9 with the comment "{0}8". TF26179: Field type '{1}1' can be used only with '{1}0' and '{0}9' fields.

Add a query name and try again. TF30310: Cannot set ColumnPickerWorkItemTypeLabel to null or empty string. TF10186: Source Control Explorer is unable to get check-in policy list from the server TF10187: Could not open document {0}0 TF10190: {1}9 has changed.