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Error Starting Vlingo

I've tried scrolling quickly and clicking, I've even tried using RDP to bring up the screen on my PC (same deal - button off screen!)… Nvdp2002 When ever i ask So please either update the app for iOS5 users or let us know why this can't/won't/will probably be done please? Gary After I updated my software on my 9850, my Please think before you release! Phred Somebody just gave me a used Samsung Galaxy Note I. I think you offered the same to LG. Check This Out

For example; I say "find G.I. All rights reserved. I want my BT headset button to NOT call up your crappy app! Phredog The only people buying Samsung phones are those who have never heard of ‘voice talk'.  How CrackBerry Search 42.213.679 Readers per month Mobile Nations | Android | BlackBerry | iPhone/iPad | Windows Phone | Connectedly Follow CrackBerry Facebook Twitter YouTube RSS Podcast Google Plus Site Links look at this web-site

During the hockey game, they showed the new Samsung TV ad.  Let me guess their new TV is going to be using Vlingo.  Just want we need…..  Who needs a TV Ultimately, the more factors that we incorporate to deliver an answer, the more likely it is that we will push the logic to the cloud. Javier Fernandez I Don't think so… Give my my phone back!

They wont if it is that great. PLEASE HELP. Cheers   AndySteel2 Thank you! I only use WiFi when at home for Internet access with my phone.

Vlingo….Shit wat do u do with linda manager to uninstall Vlingo Ben Cheever I could find no way, whatsoever, to use Linda to uninstall it. The process flow should have a branch at the start that determines if the process requires internet (search for, directions to) vs local processes (text Bob, email Sue, call Jim). Using my phone while driving is illegal without an earpiece. On a curve from att When I try to run vlingo, I get the message "Error Starting vlingoforBlackberry_en module vlingoforblackberry_en_2 attempts to access a secure API".

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    Advertise Jobs Media Enquiries About CrackBerry About Mobile Nations Copyright © 2016 Mobile Nations • Terms and Conditions • Privacy Policy CrackBerry is in no way Affiliated with BlackBerry. Please fix Paulvs Causes my HTC Desire to reboot. And, unlike some other developers, listen to your fan base. I cant uncheck the driving mode function because its not even on!

    try double tapping the home button and you will see the result. TJ It is in the App Store now! 4.5 stars and totally free. Subscribe Get the latest Vlingo Blog posts delivered right to your e-mail inbox. Press the ‘Disable' button I'm using Android 4.1.2.

    If you please.

  • Stefan  Vlingo is a peace of shit! his comment is here Had I seen the ads I would have passed it by. This app comes with everything but the most important part; the OFF button! this app is so invasive.

    Real crapware that should not be allowed to continue. Elize Bothma Voice talk sux, worst app everrrrrrr!!!!!!! Janinehobin You can channel the settings on vlingo so it says It will get rid of this thing. My phone spent nearly four months in a sock drawer. I've now followed the Go Launcher Ex path of removing it, and will never ever install another Vlingo product.

    Well Motorola put the damn button right where any normal person would hit it when we picked up the phone and opened the clamshell. We also want to be able to end calls and initiate a second hands free call. "read" should always be active in InCar mode. Now giving my phone to my dad, since i got a S4 but want to prevent him the shit that I had with vlingo.

    shameful if you ask me.

    I adored you, Samsung. David Bowes That takes you to the same place as the OP and it's still already unticked. I rented a car in the USA. The workaround is to download the sideload version of the application, and to install it using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

    to say the least ... About a year ago I downloaded and flashed the phone with a clean image. Provide a PROPER off-switch fix!!! navigate here They are more interested in licking Vlingo ass in some sort of partnership deal then anything else.

    sometimes they pop up without my even touching my phone. I want ‘voice talk' gone! Is there some other reason? John  You can disable it, by installing "Go Launcher EX" going to the app draw, pushing and holding (like you do on an iphone to make the icons wobble) and click

    Hello, the problem with ‘voice talk' is the fact that it takes control of the Bluetooth earpiece. Right now, I am seriously considering selling my GS2 and going for the latest HTC which doesn't have that problem….GUYS DO SOMETHING! Samreen Does vlingo work with Wifi ? I am on a bold and I disabled my firewall and all application permissions are set to allow. I m not using it but out of sudden come out this message, annoying.

    The procedure is too damn simple anyone could have simply ignored it. Vlingo, Inc. No. Hopefully, it will still work for those who are still at Gingerbread.

    Use the go launcher method, it's explained several times in the comments. It is sad that Samsung have not come out with a clear, unambiguous statement on this horrible issue which has affected so many of their users. anki1110 HELP ME.