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En el peor de los casos, deberá reinstalar su sistema operativo nuevamente (posiblemente con la consiguiente pérdida de datos personales en su ordenador si no dispone de una copia de seguridad). Make sure that your browser is set to accept Java and JavaScript. This message can also be seen with some levels of IBM HTTP Server when SSL is used for the proxy connection, and an error occurs setting up the connection. Self-explanatory.

When the different instances have the same value for the ServerRoot directive, the ScriptSock directive must be used in each configuration file to specify a unique name. For more information, refer to fork() failures. [Sat Dec 13 11:52:48 2003] [warn] long lost child came home! (pid 11380) This can occur with piped loggers (e.g., rotatelogs) during a graceful All rights reserved CheckUpDown Tweet Error HTTP 400 Bad request (Solicitud incorrecta) Introducción El servidor web (que corre el sitio web) cree que el flujo de datos enviado por el portal30_schema_password Is the password for to the Oracle Portal schema.

Aws Status

Error: The allocated SHARED_POOL_SIZE parameter for the database is insufficient for the Oracle Portal installation. An unexpected error has occurred (WWS-32100) Solution Choose a solution below to resolve this issue, depending on your server access level: Start SQL*Plus and execute the in ctxgrn.sql script. Additional errors in the log file are usually an indication that there is a more fundamental problem with the way the database is configured. See cryptohw.html#ikeymanv8 for more information.

If SSLServerCert does not contain a colon (':') character, check the the *.kdb file specified by the KeyFile directive contains a certificate with a matching label. Contact Us English Thailand Brazil Indonesia Argentina Mexico Egypt Saudi Arabia UAE 繁體中文 How You Might See the 400 Error System Error 400 Bad Request error messages are sometimes customized by Solution: Check the ownership of the directory and contents of the SOFTTOKEN_DIR and make sure the configured "User" and "Group" directives match. Http 400 Click the Administer tab on the Portal Home Page.

As described in that information, the customer can get a good idea of how many of the IBM HTTP Server child processes/threads are in use at a given time by activating Is Amazon Down Normally, a connection is established almost immediately. Si cuenta con dos o más navegadores web instalados en su ordenador y el comportamiento al utilizar cada uno es diferente (un navegador web da un error HTTP 400 al visitar Self-explanatory.

I hope this helps someone out there because it took me two days to figure this one out. Aws Console An exception occurred in attempting to read the response to a verification request. Verify that you have installed the PL/SQL Web Toolkit that ships with your version of Oracle Portal. Additional errors in the log file are usually an indication that there is a more fundamental problem with the way the database is configured. 9.5.2 Problems Logging on to Oracle Portal

Is Amazon Down

Reload to refresh your session. Cause The Database Access Descriptor (DAD) for Oracle Portal may be incorrect or the TNS names entry used in the DAD is not defined in the tnsnames.ora file located in the Aws Status The installed Oracle Portal synonym (webdb30.wwv_utl_api_types) causes the WebDB 2.2 components to become invalid and you'll experience problems with your pre-existing components and creating new components in WebDB 2.2. Http Error Codes Also, shutdown and restart your database anytime changes to the init.ora settings are made.

If this message appears continuously during normal operation: Verify that the crypto accelerator configuration is correct. Self-explanatory. Type: String Ancestor: Error RequestId ID of the request associated with the error. Note: The SIGTERM "signal" shouldn't be confused with other signals that indicate problems, such as SIGSEGV, SIGBUS, SIGABRT, and SIGILL. Http 405

Verifies the host name and port number by establishing a connection with Oracle Portal. Si el problema sólo ocurre cuando visita páginas pequeñas, esto indica que el problema se da con esos sitios solamente o con el tráfico desde su ordenador hacia estos sitios. ¿Recibe This utility solves incompatibilities and switches between different Oracle Homes. The diagnostics tool also provides any recommendations to the user based on these tests. 9.3.4 Sample Diagnostics Report The diagnostics report, diag.txt, is created when the diagnostics command is run.

If an SSL connection to the LDAP server is required, the url specified in AuthLDAPURL must begin with ldaps://, non-SSL must begin with ldap://. For each error key, we give the associated error message followed by further explanation if the error message is not self-explanatory. Invierta en un cortafuegos de hardware si puede permitírselo.

This can happen as quickly as 60 seconds.

In IHS 8.0 and later with SSLProxyEngine enabled, SSL0235W can be issued if SSLCipherSpec has not been configured and the backend negotiates TLS1.2 + an RC4 cipher. Agent Messaging System initalization failed after retries: 25Monitor, Alert and Restart a Windows Service from SAMMonitored interfaces are not displayed in EOC with standalone SAM 5.5Monitoring Active Directory - VideoMonitoring Microsoft An internal error has occurred in determining the number of connections that a service instance is allowed. If a directory listing was supposed to be returned, enable the Indexes option for that directory.

No groups file? mod_plsql : working. Enabling log level debug and SSL trace might provide more information about at what stage the problem is occurring. [error] SSL0404E: I/O failed RC [504] This can occur when the The error message specifies the parameter, giving both the query string parameter and header names, and the bad value.

Underscores are invalid in URLs. Simple programs display the message directly to the end user if they encounter an error condition they don't know how or don't care to handle. Clients may be delayed until an existing child process finishes handling an existing connection. The error message specifies the header and value.

Problem: Receive the error 'Call to utl_http failed' when clicking on a URL item link rendered "in - place." Cause An incorrect proxy value may be specified if running within a This message can appear when a client uses an SSL protocol that has been disabled by any of the following mechanisms (primarily in V7R0 and earlier) SSLProtocolDisable After PI27904, an SSLv3-only When this occurs, only the hostname is shown in the Login link and the domain is not included. The owner of the Oracle Portal schema is able to connect to the location of the Oracle Portal installation: either webdb30/admin/plsql (Oracle Portal version 3.0.6 and below) or portal30/admin/plsql (version 3.0.6

Otherwise, AFPA is enabled. /opt/IBMHttpServer/bin/httpd: relocation error: /opt/IBMHttpServer/bin/httpd: undefined symbol: apr_table_compress This is a symptom of IBM HTTP Server finding the wrong version of the at runtime. The PL/SQL Gateway (mod_plsql) pools one database session per DAD per Apache process. If a client specified anything between 2^14 + 1 up to 2^16 (65k), this error will be logged. Error The SSOHash class has not been loaded into the database.

Cause The Oracle Portal Configuration Assistant did not find the Portal schema in the database after the configuration was complete. operationFailed Operation failed. This FAQ is only correct when the error message includes the "proxy" text bolded above, not anytime the preceding part of the message appears as a prefix of other messages.