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Error The Envelope Sender Header In Your Spam.assassin.prefs.conf

Most tests examine the message headers or body for patterns that are suggestive of spam; others perform Internet lookups against network-based blacklists of IP addresses or checksums of spam messages. Doing so will result in unknown external relays being trusted. Authorization is performed using one of the installed sender-authorization schemes: SPF (using Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugins::SPF), Domain Keys (using Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugins::DomainKeys), or DKIM (using Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugins::DKIM). Keywords are case-insensitive.

Whitelisting recipients SpamAssassin provides three levels of whitelisting for message recipients. Each time it encounters a template directive, SpamAssassin appends new text to the template. Common choices are DBD-mysql (for the MySQL server), DBD-Pg (for the PostgreSQL server), and DBD-ODBC (for connection to an ODBC-compliant server).[1] You should create a database and a user with privileges The automatic wrapping can be disabled here. click site

The conditional accepts a limited subset of perl for security -- just enough to perform basic arithmetic comparisons. pattern is a Perl regular expression. Accordingly, to ensure that you're starting with a clean slate when you define a new template, you must first clear the template and then add your desired text. Examples: ok_locales all (allow all locales) ok_locales en (only allow English) ok_locales en ja zh (allow English, Japanese, and Chinese) Note: if there are multiple ok_locales lines, only the last one

Note that timed out queries are only aborted when there is nothing else left for SpamAssassin to do - long evaluation of other rules may grant queries additional time. bayes_store_module Name::Of::BayesStore::Module If this option is set, the module given will be used as an alternate to the default bayes storage mechanism. If the sender's address matches a blacklist_from address, the spam score of the message is increased by 100 points, which makes it almost certain that the message will be tagged as header is the name of a mail header, such as 'Subject', 'To', etc.

SCORING OPTIONS required_score n.nn (default: 5) Set the score required before a mail is considered spam. RFC 5321 prescribes in section the 'DATA Termination' time limit of 10 minutes, although it is not unusual to see some SMTP clients abort sooner on waiting for a response. e.g. Visit Website If no score is given for a test by the end of the configuration, a default score is assigned: a score of 1.0 is used for all tests, except those who

When there are 'trusted' hosts that are not MXes or internal relays for your domain(s) they should only be specified in trusted_networks. Auto-expiry occurs when the number of tokens in the database surpasses the bayes_expiry_max_db_size value. Some tags can take an argument (in parentheses). Lines between this and a corresponding else or endif line, will be ignored unless the conditional expression evaluates as true (in the perl sense; that is, defined and non-0).

Each report line appends to the existing template, so use clear_report_template to restart. More hints clear_unsafe_report_template Clear the unsafe_report template. If this option is set to 2, then original messages will be attached with a content type of text/plain instead of message/rfc822. DNS blacklist checks will never query for hosts on these networks.

Writing Your Own Tests When none of the existing tests does what you'd like, you can write a custom test of your own. This is just a very simple version of the above header tests. When expiry occurs, the Bayes system will keep either 75% of the maximum value, or 100,000 tokens, whichever has a larger value. 150,000 tokens is roughly equivalent to a 8Mb database UTF-8 or ISO-8859-nn or Windows-nnnn).

Note that all whitespace inside the headers, at line folds, is currently compressed into a single space (' ') character. This second parameter is matched against the TCP-info information field as provided in a FROM clause of a trace information (i.e. For example, to ensure that no messages to root or postmaster are tagged as spam, you could use the following lines: all_spam_to [email protected]* all_spam_to [email protected]* No unwhitelist_to directive is provided because Don't use this unless you are certain you know what you are doing.

The current allowed variables are: _TABLE_ The name of the table where user scores and preferences are stored. See envelope_sender_header. When EDNS0 is off (noedns or edns=512) a traditional implied UDP payload size is 512 bytes, which is also a minimum allowed value for this option.


This option gives the password used by the above DSN. EnvelopeFrom is the address used in the 'MAIL FROM:' phase of the SMTP transaction that delivered this message, if this data has been made available by the SMTP server. When using msa_networks to identify an MSA it is recommended that you treat that MSA as both trusted and internal. To get a spam report on a message that doesn't score high enough for SpamAssassin to generate a report, you can use spamassassin --test-mode, as described in Chapter 2.

If your hostname is, and you know that your IP address reverse-resolves to the same hostname, you could add a rule like this (to the systemwide configuration file): header FAKE_MY_HELO delist_uri_host [ (listname) ] host ... header SYMBOLIC_TEST_NAME eval:name_of_eval_method([arguments]) Define a header eval test. A backslash has to be written as \\, any other escaped chars will be silently removed.

There's a few things to note: duplicated or private IPs Duplicated IPs are only queried once and reserved IPs are not queried. i.e.: \# Whitespace in the files is not significant, but please note that starting a line with whitespace is deprecated, as we reserve its use for multi-line rule definitions, at some preference Gives the name of the test to modify the score of. Note that this requires that SpamAssassin know which relays are trusted.

There are three levels of To-whitelisting, whitelist_to, more_spam_to and all_spam_to. check_rbl_txt( ) accepts the same arguments as check_rbl( ) and works analogously. header_name is restricted to the character set [A-Za-z0-9_-]. multiple The test will be evaluated multiple times, for use with meta rules.