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Error The Filter Logic References An Undefined Filter

Search results only display customer accounts. For example, if a salesperson is visiting a customer and the customer has Internet access in their lobby, the salesperson can obtain critical updates as to that customer while waiting for Pat. The user interface 100 a also includes the filter logic expression 110 expressed in terms of the identifiers 106 associated with the search conditions 104, as opposed to the search conditions his comment is here

For example, in FIG. 1B, the search conditions 104 b, 104 c subsequent to the removed search condition 104 a are associated with the identifiers “5” and “6” respectively. In addition, the CRM system 410 can include a data store 408 for storing data records 409 relating to customer relationships and other business information. The apparatus of claim 11 wherein each identifier is an alphabetical letter, and wherein the plurality of search conditions are listed in alphabetical order according to the associated identifiers. 14. In an embodiment, as the user 303 performs this function, the filter build engine 420 can be configured to analyze the user's proposed deletion(s) and to determine whether syntax errors will my response

In an embodiment, on-demand database service 616 may include an application platform 618 that enables creation, managing and executing one or more applications developed by the provider of the on-demand database Accordingly, in a single interface, the user can view the search conditions 104 and the simplified filter logic expression 110 that represents the complex Boolean filter. [0008] Typically, the file system Thus, different users will have different capabilities with regard to accessing and modifying application and database information, depending on a user's security or permission level. [0049] Network 614 is any network Fitting Complete is actually filled in the day it was completed.I would also suggest Steve's method, using the checkbox, so this cannot trigger more than once.

Thus, in an embodiment, the user 303 can be confident that the Boolean filter represented by the modified filter logic expression 440′ will return the appropriate information when it is submitted COPYRIGHT NOTICE [0002] A portion of the disclosure of this patent document contains material which is subject to copyright protection. Alternatively, the identifier 434 can be an alphabetical letter and the search conditions 432 can be listed in alphabetical order, and the next identifier 434 for the new search condition 432 For example, a complex filter can be represented by the following expression: [0000] (Status does not contain “Duplicate, Never, Not a bug”)AND(Type of Record contains “User Story”)AND(Assigned To equals((“Joe” OR “Jane”)AND

Available in: both Salesforce Classic and Lightning ExperienceAvailable in: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions An expression’s syntax can affect filtering results. (1 AND 2) OR 3Finds records that match To search all accounts, click “Show all results.” Simple Dependent Lookups If the value of a relationship field should depend on the value of another relationship field on the current record, For example, when the file system is updated such that a particular search condition 104 becomes obsolete or inapplicable, or when it is determined that a certain search condition 104 should System 616 (e.g., an application server 700 1 in system 616) automatically generates one or more SQL statements (e.g., one or more SQL queries) that are designed to access the desired

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Suite 300 San Francisco, CA, 94105 United States Need More Help? Some on-demand database services may store information from one or more tenants stored into tables of a common database image to form a multi-tenant database system (MTS). Simply surround the above formula with an ANDAND(above formula, checkbox=False)July 10, 2012 · Like1 · Dislike0 Steve Molis+1 @Austin Well played Sir!July 10, 2012 · Like0 · Dislike0 Todd [email protected] - I

If the relationship field should only have open positions, define the following lookup filter to restrict users to only creating or editing job applications for positions with the Status field set this PopulateOperatorList(); } // constructor private void UpdateRenderLookupIcon() { // for now, this only display's for picklist and Name Fields if ( (CurrentFieldType == Schema.Displaytype.PickList) || (CurrentFieldType == Schema.Displaytype.String) && (CurrentField.getDescribe().getName() == Powered by the Salesforce Communities platform. In particular, FIG. 4A illustrates an arrangement of components configured to implement the method 200 of FIG. 2, which also can be carried out in environments other than that illustrated in

For example, in FIG. 5B and FIG. 5C, the indication to delete the information relating to the identifier 434 a can be transmitted when the user 303 selects the “build” button. Submit a Case Powered by Community Cloud platform. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS [0012] In the following drawings like reference numbers are used to refer to like elements. Learn More › Privacy Statement Security Statement Terms of Use Participation Guidelines ©2000-,, inc Search Answers Help & Training Events Collaboration Ideas User Groups Trust Known Issues Log in Salesforce

For example, any of user systems 612 can be a handheld computing device, a mobile phone, a laptop computer, a work station, and/or a network of computing devices. FIG. 7 shows network 614 and system 616. MyController.AdvancedFilterCondition = ''; MyController.ValidateAdvancedFilterString(); system.assert(MyController.AdvancedFilterCondtionHasError == true); // All parentheses must be closed and opened. As illustrated in FIG. 6 (and in more detail in FIG. 7) user systems 612 might interact via a network 614 with an on-demand database service, which is system 616. [0047]

Similarly, a problem mentioned in the background section or associated with the subject matter of the background section should not be assumed to have been previously recognized in the prior art. AdvancedFilterCondtionHasError = true; if (AdvancedFilterEnabled == true) { // if the user didn't specify any condition then use the default if (AdvancedFilterCondition == '') { AdvancedFilterCondtionErrorMessage = 'Filter logic is required Salesforce Success Community Answers Events Help & Training Collaboration Ideas Featured Groups Known Issues More Places AppExchange Salesforce Developers Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Visit our Channel

Accordingly, “on-demand database service 616” and “system 616” will be used interchangeably herein.

Need More Help? Similarly, the database object described herein can be implemented as single databases, a distributed database, a collection of distributed databases, a database with redundant online or offline backups or other redundancies, In an embodiment, when a search condition is removed from the list, e.g., because it is obsolete or is no longer needed, the filter manager component can automatically reassociate at least Suite 300 San Francisco, CA, 94105 United States Need More Help?

For example, the user 303 can find and delete a reference to the identifier 434 a associated with the removed condition 432 a by striking out the identifier 434 a and The CRM system 410 can include an incoming 404 and outgoing 405 data handler component for receiving and transmitting information from and to the plurality of user system nodes 302 via Memory system 612B may be any combination of one or more memory devices, short term, and/or long term memory. We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox.

As the most common type of computer network in current use is a TCP/IP (Transfer Control Protocol and Internet Protocol) network, such as the global internetwork of networks often referred to Because of this modification, the Boolean filter represented by the filter logic expression 106 in FIG. 1C is completely different from the Boolean filter represented by the filter logic expression 106 In other words, we would like to trigger an immediate email for [Event 1] 7 days after a "shipped date" date field is populated  with a date, OR [Event 2] if Exemplary computer nodes can include physical or virtual desktop computers, servers, networking devices, notebook computers, PDAs, mobile phones, digital image capture devices, and the like.

Knowledge Article Number 000003935 Description An end user or portal user is able to run a report successfully. TipYou can repeat a filter line in your expression. For example, FIG. 3 illustrates a plurality of user system computer nodes 302 and an application server node 320 communicatively coupled to one another via a network 330, such as the When the user 303 selects the “edit” button, the user 303 can be allowed to modify the shaded region in the filter logic expression 440 so that the user 303 can

To do this, define the following lookup filter on the Position object Compensation Package Name field:Filter Criteria Current User Role: Name does not start with value VPCurrent User Role: Name does It will also be appreciated that computer code for implementing embodiments can be implemented in any programming language that can be executed on a client system and/or server or server system You signed out in another tab or window. Moreover, some of the identifiers in the expression 106 are now associated with different search conditions.

Suite 300 San Francisco, CA 94105 United States Need More Help? In these situations, search services can be configured to allow the file system administrator or the user to add or remove search conditions 104 from the condition list 102. On the other hand, when the identifier 434 b does sequentially follow the first identifier 434 a, the filter build engine 420 can automatically replace the identifier 434 b with the Use your current Salesforce credentials for Help & Training access Salesforce Login Marketing Cloud Users?