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Error The Listener Returned The Following Message 404 Not Found

B.3 Diagnosing Web Clipping Problems This section provides information to help you troubleshoot problems you may encounter while using the Web Clipping provider or Web Clipping Studio: Setting Logging Levels Reviewing The Load Balancer must be session-enabled. Problem The Java Portlet Wizard is not installed. To view errors that occur during the execution of OmniPortlet: Open the application log file: MID_TIER_ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/OC4J_Portal/application-deployments/portalTools/OC4J_Portal_default_island_1/application.log or, if you are using a standalone OC4J instance: OC4J_HOME/j2ee/home/application-deployments/portalTools/application.log Display the HTML his comment is here

Solution 2 Search the JAR files for the missing class. The easiest way to test this setup is to start a browser on the host of the OracleAS Portal repository database and try to access the provider's test page. For more information about configuring with a load balancer, see the "Performing Advanced Configuration" chapter of the Oracle Application Server Portal Configuration Guide. Solution Confirm the file name and location and verify the information within provider.xml.

Solution 3 Modify provideruiacls.xml to grant the user the necessary privileges. Solution 1 See Section I.2.1.3 "Configuring Caching (PDK Only)" in the Oracle Application Server Portal Configuration Guide. B.1.9 After Initial Successful Display, Portlet Does Not Display on Page When you access a portal page, the portlet initially displays on the page but returns error messages in subsequent display

To configure the proxy servers, go to the Web Clipping Provider Test Page, as described in Section B.3.3, "Checking the Status of the Provider with the Test Page". Solution 2 Make sure that the proxy servers are configured correctly. Refer to the Oracle JDeveloper Online Help System for more information about the deployment profile. If you do not find a solution for your problem, log a service request.

Motorists can expect single lane closures with minor delays over a short time. B.3.7 Images Not Retrieved with Clipping Images in a Web clipping are not retrieved with the rest of the clipping. Specifically, the Provider class name specified in the file is not oracle.portal.provider.v2.http.URLProviderDefinition. More Help B.1.8 Portlet Does Not Display on Page When you access a portal page, the portlet does not display on the page.

Remember, when deleting a portlet from provider.xml, delete the portlet from the page first. Solution 1 For information on reregistering mod_osso, refer to the Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On Administrator's Guide. Refresh the provider and invalidate the Portlet Repository cache. Problem The page may be overpopulated with IFrames.

Solution 1 Check the application log file look for errors. try here Note that this web.xml file is for the Parallel Page Engine. METADATA_REP_ORACLE_HOME, represents the full path of the OracleAS Infrastructure home containing the Oracle Application Server Metadata Repository. You may also set a timeout value for individual providers when you register them with OracleAS Portal.

For access to servers inside the firewall, you can specify a list of domain names that need not go through the firewall by selecting No Proxy for Domains beginning with and this content Problem The proxy servers are configured for proxy authentication, but you have not configured proxy authentication. All Rights Reserved Invalid Page RequestRequest does not include Database Access Descriptor (DAD) information or the specified DAD is invalid. All roads will remain open to traffic and accessible at all times.

Also test the URL to be sure that it is accessible from the provider middle tier. Problem 1 The URL is not active. Problem The Web provider uses DBPreferenceStore and the database information stored in data-sources.xml is incorrect. weblink Contact Patrick Lawrence Cardenas Coordinator of Student Life- Student Organizations 281-283-2551 [email protected] Last updated: 07/25/2016 UTC Accessibility | Clery Act | Compact with Texans | Emergency Information |

To configure its settings, click Edit on the OmniPortlet Provider Test Page. Problem 2 The connection times out when attempting to browse to any Web site and your environment uses a proxy server to connect to HTTP servers outside a firewall. For more information about configuring proxy authentication, see the "Administering Web Clipping" appendix of the Oracle Application Server Portal Configuration Guide.

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Work will involve minor widening and resurfacing on both approaches. B.3.8 Resolving Problems with Migration of URL-based Portlets You can migrate URL-based portlets that are stored in a provider.xml file to Web Clipping portlets. In a multiple middle-tier environment, all instances of OC4J must store definitions in the same repository. If for some reason you must continue to use a URL-based portlet, check the default proxy information in your provider.xml file.