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Error The Metadata Definition For This Cube Is Incomplete

Action: Use the OLAP Metadata API to add or remove dimension maps as necessary to make the partitioned cube consistent with all of its base cubes. If the measure is read from the OLAP Catalog, then change the catalog so the MdmMeasure refers only to primary dimensions. In SAS OLAP Cube Studio, specify the server that will access the tables. Action: Change the dimension insert command to a dimension merge command. his comment is here

Cause: A consistent solve had more than one dynamic model over the dimension. Action: Modify the consistent solve to remove or replace one of the precompute models. XOQ-01713: "string" failed validation as a non-skip-level hierarchy. XOQ-01726: The partition dimension "string" in cube "string" is missing an ET view. Homepage

Action: If the MdmMeasure is created or modified using the OLAP Metadata API, then ensure that the object is created and mapped correctly. Similarly, to create history lists on a network file server, create a directory to hold the history lists on the file server, and give this directory a shared name. Cause: The levels contained in an MdmHierarchy were inconsistent with the level maps contained in the corresponding MtmHierarchyMap. Cause: Neither an analytic workspace primary dimension organization nor a ROLAP primary dimension organization existed on the primary dimension.

The metadata definition is always stored as you leave the Finish window. XOQ-01707: Oracle job "string" failed while executing slave build "string" with error "string". Cause: The hierarchy specified in a maintain dimension command was not part of the dimension being built. XOQ-01920: Sparse dimensions of the AWCubeOrganization must be specified with a subset of the cube dimensionalities.

If the problem persists, then contact Oracle Support Services. Cause: AddUniqueKeyPrefix was set to True on an AWPrimaryDimensionOrganization, and a load was attempted on a ValueHierarchy. They may be deleted by manually deleting the cache files on the local node, or deleting the appropriate files on a shared network location of cache files. Action: Use the OLAP Metadata API to create an expression that provides the measure value for the required MtmBaseCube.

When you edit a cube through the Cube Designer, the input table's initial registration is needed. XOQ-01800: ALTER privilege is required on object "string" in schema "string". Cause: A default hierarchy was specified, but it was not created. If you choose to create the cube as you leave the Finish window, then you must have a SAS Workspace Server defined that you can submit PROC OLAP code to.

The MdmHierarchy did not have an associated MtmHierarchyMap. Action: Use the OLAP Metadata API to correct the hierarchy or hierarchy map so they are consistent. XOQ-01904: The dimension level has no base attributes. XOQ-01753: Unknown or invalid attribute "string" is specified in an assignment.

A mapping for the associated hierarchy could not be identified, possibly because of the way the dimension was mapped in one of the cubes. Changes made will not be reflected on other nodes even if the servers are using the same definition. Cause: The cube was not built because it was not deployed in an analytic workspace. Cause: The member specified in the dimension update or dimension delete command was not a member of the hierarchy.

This will also affect predicted probabilities, causing the predicted probability for the event level to ... There are two types of scheduled reports, each with differing behavior in a cluster. Hardware Choices Load balancing and configuration are much simpler if identical hardware is used for each of the nodes. If the cube is read from the OLAP Catalog, then correct its dimensionalities in the OLAP Catalog tables.

Cause: An attempt was made to read a metadata object without the SELECT privilege on that object. XOQ-01745: Unknown or invalid hierarchy "string" is specified in a maintain dimension command. Action: Specify a valid attribute of the dimension as the assignment target.

Action: Report this error to Oracle Support Services.

Setting up history lists to use multiple local disk backups on each node involves a similar process. It can either delete all caches or specific caches based on report ID. Also within this registry key is the Server Instance, which defines the server definition to be used once the metadata is accessed. XOQ-01208: metadata problem for MtmBaseCube "string" Cause: Metadata for the MtmBaseCube was incomplete or inconsistent.

Cause: One of the following attributes was specified but not mapped: END_DATE, START_DATE, or TIMESPAN. Cause: The MdmCubeMap was missing an MdmCubeDimensionalityMap for the specified dimension. XOQ-01488: Consistent solve has two dynamic models over dimension "string". For objects created or modified using the OLAP Metadata API, make the necessary changes on the client.

What order should I start the server nodes?The only reason to be concerned with the order of starting the nodes is to control which node becomes primary. Cause: An Oracle session was in an unrecoverable state. Can I make copies of a cache file to multiple nodes?If a node is stopped, copying and pasting the cache files and index files from one node's file system to another any of these words Results per page 10 25 50 100 MicroStrategy > Server I.

Action: Examine the error stack for more detail about the error. Action: Remove the FROM clause or specify a valid cube map. Action: Fix the calculated member parent data. Once this folder is created it must be located in the file system and shared with the exact share name 'ClusterCaches'.

XOQ-01483: Invalid aggregation step for dimension "(string)": Dimension is not part of the cube.