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Error The Performance Collection Daemon

collectd-tg: This new binary allows to generate random but real looking collectd network traffic. edu Abstract. Thanks to Florian Forster. #716 Python plugin: Fix Py list length check in cpy_build_meta(). Sebastian will speak on the first day and will be hanging around at the Debian booth the rest of the time.

Two new patch releases are available. Go to Solution. Swap plugin: The possibility to collect swapped in/out pages has been added to the Swap plugin. Thanks to demon / @trtrmitya for the patch.

Thanks to Sebastian Harl. Version 5.3.1 fixes a couple of bugs, including a memory leak in the Write Riemann plugin: Documentation: Various fixes. Write Graphite plugin: Use TCP to connect to Graphite by default. Swap plugin: The ReportBytes config option has been added.

Fourneau,N. This means that no new features will be accepted into version4.8. More permissive parsing of the cpuacct.stats file fixes support for some versions of Linux. This solves build issues on some platforms.

Changes include: AMQP plugin: Add support for RabbitMQ 0.4.x to avoid compiler warnings. Thanks to Paul Sadauskas for the patch. A failed assertion when using types with many data sources has been fixed. Thanks to Manuel Luis Sanmartín Rozada for his patch.

Thanks to Pavel Rochnyack. #1592 Network plugin: Decryption error logging has been improved. cgroups plugin: This new plugin collects CPU accounting information for processes in a cgroup. libvirt plugin: Re-connect to libvirtd if connecting fails. However this does not mean, that Glance is available for free!

Thanks to Michael Hart for his patch. collectd, Java plugin, NTPd plugin: Several diagnostic messages have been improved. table plugin: The new Table plugin provides parsing for table-like structured files, such as many files beneath /proc. Thanks to Ruben Kerkhof. #1575 Ethstat plugin: Code to strip leading whitespace from device names.

Write MongoDB plugin: The new "write_mongodb" plugin writes value lists to MongoDB, a shema-less database. Thanks to Jan Engelhardt for the work-around. Build fixes Solaris and systems without gcrypt. Hence,theQuality ofService,thatis,thee'ciency,availability,reliability,andsecurityofthese technologies,isanessentialrequirementfortheproperfunctioningofmodern society.

Thanks to Akkarit Sangpetch and Chris Lundquist for their work. Previously, failure to initialize this memory was ignored. collectd: Two new data source types, DERIVE and ABSOLUTE, have been added. collectd: Fix programming error in {{GitFile|src/configfile.c}} Thanks to Wilfried Goesgens.

collectd: Build issues (compiler warnings) have been fixed. The end-of-tree check has been improved by Pierre-Yves Ritschard. Hi buddies,The issue was resolved after loggin a call at HP.Also ensure all the req.

Debian#839771, #1976 collectd: A bug in the FlushInterval option that caused a segmentation fault in the Write HTTP plugin has been fixed.

Thanks to Alexander Golovko for reporting and Sebastian Harl for fixing this. collectd: JSON output now includes the dstypes and dsnames fields. MIC plugin: This new plugin collects CPU and memory usage, power consumption and temperatures of Intel's Many-Integrated-Core (MIC) architecture, such as Xeon Phi cards. New patch releases of collectd have been created.

LogFile plugin: The new PrintSeverity option allows to include the severity of a message in the output. cURL-JSON plugin: Handling of arrays has been fixed. Thanks to John-John Tedro. 2014-01-26 Version 5.4.1 available. We're pleased to announce a new minor version of collectd.

Thanks to Björn for the patch. Tutorial LecturesVolume 2459 of Lecture Notes in Computer ScienceLecture notes in computer science: Lecture notes in artificial intelligenceAuthorsMaria Carla Calzarossa, Salvatore TucciEditorsMaria Carla Calzarossa, Salvatore TucciContributorIFIP Working Group 7.3 on Computer To evaluate the Glance Software you can run a trial period of 60 days with an EVALUATION license.I hope this makes it more clear.Best regardsMarc If you liked it I appreciate Of course, many existing plugins have been extended, too.

Interface plugin: Reporting dropped packets has been added. Thanks to Corey Kosak. Thanks to Pierre-Yves Ritschard for his patch. Thanks to Sebastian Harl. #366 collectd: A number of unit tests for commonly used functions have been added.

Oracle plugin: The Host config option has been added.