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Error The Program Intltool-merge Intltool Gettext-devel Is Mandatory

Lunedì mattina: tutti tristi?Lunedì 10 Ottobre 2016, 11:36:21 Bobol: Domenica 09 Ottobre 2016, 21:07:33 [email protected]: Sabato 08 Ottobre 2016, 19:11:57 trigg: Sabato 08 Ottobre 2016, 17:54:52 Bobol: Sabato 08 Ottobre 2016, As you are the only person using it, usually you don't have any problems with overlap, however, I always setup a job on some machine to siphon off copies every 5/10 Adv Reply May 25th, 2011 #5 .psd View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message A Carafe of Ubuntu Join Date May 2011 Beans 110 DistroUbuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal Re: help Anzi non installa piu' niente..

If it's not present, it looks in the local directory (tests) and in the user's home directory for a file named ".test_dbauth", which contains a json map of parameters to the Il problema e' che dopo che aggiungo i nuovi indirizzi, il gestore applicazioni mi vede guitarix (anche se non l'ultimissima versione) ma non me lo installa.. Score: 10 def test_not_inheriting_pythonpath(self): # construct a fake module in the temp directory temp_dir = tempfile.mkdtemp("saranwrap_test") fp = open(os.path.join(temp_dir, ""), "w") fp.write("""import os, sys pypath = os.environ['PYTHONPATH'] sys_path = sys.path""") fp.close() I followed the instructions and everything built smoothly.  It's possible you haven't set up ‘sudo' configured.  That's okay, you can get around it by using "su -c".

Score: 8 def install_setuptools(py_executable, unzip=False): setup_fn = 'setuptools-0.6c9-py%s.egg' % sys.version[:3] search_dirs = ['.', os.path.dirname(__file__), join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'support-files')] if os.path.splitext(os.path.dirname(__file__))[0] != 'virtualenv': # Probably some boot script; just in case virtualenv is installed... Due to how Django works, imports from Django or a Django project will fail unless the shell environment variable ``DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE`` is correctly set (see `the Django settings docs `_.) This function Score: 10 def add_options(self, parser, env=None): """Non-camel-case version of func name for backwards compatibility. .. Score: 10 def test_login(self, client, email='', is_admin=''): import os os.environ['USER_EMAIL'] = email os.environ['USER_IS_ADMIN'] = '1' if is_admin else '' Example 9 From project kay-ru, under directory kay/auth/backends, in source file

django.db.backend.quote_name quote_flag = 'old' except AttributeError: # Django after backend refactoring. Score: 10 def detect(conf): pocom = conf.find_program('msgfmt') if not pocom: # if msgfmt should not be mandatory, catch the thrown exception in your wscript conf.fatal('The program msgfmt (gettext) is mandatory!') conf.env['POCOM'] vedrai che questa primavera ci arriverai ai 26° Oggi alle 21:30:06 Josh: [link]Oggi alle 19:42:44 Josh: Il widget che dice la temperatura di Roma segna 26°. Do you want to help us debug the posting issues ? < is the place to report it, thanks !

And once that's done, please assume I'm retarded. Installation ------------ To configure, build, and install, use the following commands: ./waf configure [--prefix=path] ./waf build ./waf install Square brackets designate optional parts of the commands. With this in mind I was looking for a simple way to gather all those time slices that chip away at different goals or projects.  Maybe I don't have a 30 you could try here Nel gestore applicazioni di Julia (che uso nel notebook) non c'e' e quando provo a compilare mi dice che mi manca anche msgfmt.. « Ultima modifica: Giovedì 24 Novembre 2011, 01:00:32

Lo Staff Mind-Italia ringrazia sentitamente per la generosità dimostrata da tutti coloro che hanno contribuito finora, continuando così sarà possibile mantenere in vita questa bella esperienza. SMF 2.0.11 | SMF You signed in with another tab or window. optparse handles the dirty work. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here Home Trees Indices Help epydoc Packagewaflib :: PackageTools :: Moduleintltool [hideprivate] [frames]|noframes] Source Code for Module waflib.Tools.intltool

Score: 10 def send_result_to_master(): if not os.environ.has_key('REMOTE_IP'): return false remote_ip = os.environ['REMOTE_IP'] remote_port = os.environ['REMOTE_PORT'] remote_user = os.environ['REMOTE_USER'] remote_pwd = os.environ['REMOTE_PWD'] remote_dir = os.environ['REMOTE_DIR'] remote_dir = remote_dir + str(pr_num)+'/' print remote_dir Ho cercato guitarix per mint e ho trovato 2 indirizzi da aggiungere al gestore software.. Installation ------------ To configure, build, and install, use the following commands: ./waf configure [--prefix=path] ./waf build ./waf install Square brackets designate optional parts of the commands. We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox.

then in a terminal use the commands given. dir0 = os.path.dirname(exo) dir1 = os.path.dirname(cor) import socket if socket.gethostname() == "": # Chemin complet pour Pyromaths en ligne car pas d'accents f0noext = os.path.splitext(exo)[0].encode(sys.getfilesystemencoding()) f1noext = os.path.splitext(cor)[0].encode(sys.getfilesystemencoding()) else: # Pas The time now is 10:07 PM. Ubuntu Ubuntu Insights Planet Ubuntu Activity Page Please read before SSO login Advanced Search Forum The Ubuntu Forum Community Ubuntu Official Flavours Support General Help [SOLVED] help installing tar.gz Having an

Mi sa che il codice è da rivedereOggi alle 19:42:36 [email protected]: R>agazzi che acqua!! apri una discussione e specifica la distro in uso e cos'hai fatto prima che smettesse di caricarti la gui... Or could you just install the stable version in the repo's? I would install straight from some package manager, but Synaptec and USC have outdated versions (thanks again ubuntu....).

They are extracted from open source Python projects. Score: 5 def _install_req(py_executable, unzip=False, distribute=False, search_dirs=None, never_download=False): if search_dirs is None: search_dirs = file_search_dirs() if not distribute: setup_fn = 'setuptools-0.6c11-py%s.egg' % sys.version[:3] project_name = 'setuptools' bootstrap_script = EZ_SETUP_PY source = Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time.

Post back when you find it.

Usually grabbed from ``$PATH``. ``environ`` is the operating system environment, ``os.environ`` if not given. ``cwd`` is the working directory, ``base_path`` by default. Score: 10 def create_login_url(self, url): import os hostname = get_appid() + '' url = url_for("auth/login", next=url_quote_plus(url), original_host_url=url_quote_plus(local.request.host_url), owned_domain_hack=True) if 'SERVER_SOFTWARE' in os.environ and \ os.environ['SERVER_SOFTWARE'].startswith('Dev'): return url else: return "https://%s%s" % Adv Reply Page 1 of 6 123 ... zealibib slaughter is a dwarven paladin of ill temperment played by a fat man of jolly temperment.

Score: 10 def set_description(desc, url): req_data = urllib.urlencode({'description': desc}) req = urllib2.Request(url + 'submitDescription', req_data) #print(os.environ['BUILD_URL']) req.add_header('Content-Type', 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded') base64string = base64.encodestring(os.environ['JENKINS_ADMIN']+ ":" + os.environ['JENKINS_ADMIN_PW']).replace('\n', '') req.add_header("Authorization", "Basic " + base64string) try: mi da lo stesso errore.. Connesso Il mio Linux BlogIo e la mia chitarraVideo tutorial su come configurare e utilizzare Gnome Shell Stampa Pagine: [1] Vai su « precedente successivo » Linux Mind Italia » Linux check over here Il gestore applicazioni non mi installa piu' niente (finche' tengo attivi certi repo) pero' sono riuscito ad'installarlo tramite il gestore pacchetti..

Photo Credit Zebra Pares John Poelstra Author archive @JohnPoelstra on Twitter July 19, 2012 Productivity, Software Fedora, RHEL Previous post Next post 4 Comments Add yours John October 22, 2015 at Score: 10 def main(): ## FIXME: set multiprocess based on whether this is the dev/SDK server wsgiref.handlers.BaseCGIHandler(sys.stdin, sys.stdout, sys.stderr, os.environ, multithread=False, multiprocess=False).run(app) Example 20 From project fabric, under directory fabric/contrib, in in un modo un po' cervellotico ma ce l'ho fatta..