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Error This Gallery Contains No Albums

Also you can insert some debug code into class-search.php after line 1644 which reads $albumid = $row['albumid']; add if (empty($albumid)) debugLogVar($row); This would tell us what the image we are dealing Your First Album Step 1 - Create Your Album Navigate to the WordPress Admin > Envira Gallery > Albums screen. Here is what you should check: test file "too large" If you encounter this error message in the first place, make sure that the file you test uploading with is not If you have bridged your Coppermine gallery, use your bridging application to create the test user account.

However, those files are not suitable for use on the internet. Don't assume that any image will do: when in doubt, download a test image from the coppermine demo page Submit the form by clicking on the "Upload file" button In an Share This Post!Twitter0Facebook8Google+0 Still stuck? Assign the user to the "Uploaders" user group you created previously - make sure that for the user group dropdown field the value is "Uploaders" (or whatever name you chose for

Reported issue at (2015-11-26) Fix: Lightbox Galleries within an Album honour their Lightbox Image Size setting (2015-11-19) Fix: Lightbox Arrow Position not working when set to Outside Reverting to Lightroom Library content To revert back to your Lightroom Library instead of SlideShowPro Director, change XML File Path back to "images.xml" (without quotes) and XML File Type to "Default". Error executing ImageMagick - Return value 127 The error message above of course will differ slightly from one setup to the other. Click the "Copy" button in the "Copy XML File Path" option.

at this page: This page is very simple, using several albums, which contain one to six galleries each. Q: I have more galleries than I see when editing my Album, why can't I see all my galleries? I have this plugin at my local site for testing, but the database and …/gallery folder area few days old copies of the live site. Many of them fail to do so properly, which results in frustration both for users as well as supporters.

It also circumvents many of the pitfalls caused by limitations set in the php.ini configuration by uploading each file in the batch being uploaded as an individual post request. If you can't select the test album, you have made a mistake when setting up the upload permissions Click the "Browse..." button and navigate to a small, known-good jpg-file on your Go to the album manager and create at least one album first, then try again uploading. Possible cause Permissions on file system level are not correct.

Thanks! - Cais. For those of you who skim over statements written in red letters, we will repeat to try to get your attention: Yes, we are writing about something that could easily apply Change Method for resizing images in config accordingly. The resúlt seems to be the same when looking at the test page in my Android phone.

Suggested fix Make sure that you fullfill the minimum requirements to run Coppermine. I would also need to go through al my few hundred posts and pages to guarantee some kind of display of images 🙁 VesaT @vesat 2 months, 4 weeks ago A Return to Lightroom, scroll down to the bottom of SlideShowPro Player for Lightroom's options, and paste your clipboard into the field labeled XML File Path. Q: Can I choose a cover image for my gallery that isn't included in the gallery?

ariep commented Aug 9, 2015 There is an option on the security tab to force the presence of a User field for just this purpose. Search for: Showcase Themes Plugins Mobile SupportForumsDocumentation Get Involved About Blog Hosting Download WordPress Support Log In Support » Plugins and Hacks » Albums not showing old galleries correctly Possible cause Your webserver doesn't come with support for the GD image library. I always have installed WP personally there, as it is so easy 🙂 All other sites but my personal site have been using "Post Name" setting in WP.

Plugin Author photocrati @photocrati 2 months, 3 weeks ago @vesat - NextGEN Gallery does work with the WordPress "Default" Permalinks setting but unfortunately there are some hosts where it does not The PHP configuration file php.ini Please understand that the settings in php.ini can only be changed if the server is yours to administer (i.e. You'll also need to install and activate the Standalone Addon if this is not already active on your site. Don't assume that any image will work - the term "known-good" in this case means that you should use an image that already has been processed by coppermine to make sure

That way, only a single image is generated. Yes, we mean it. In this situation, your server administrator has restricted the files that PHP can work with to a certain directory.

After fixing some of them (creating directories, fixing permissions, entering database details) I get a page saying "You must be logged in to run setup." with a login screen.

Then use your FTP client to overwrite the images with the higher resolution images. Step 4 - Publish Your Album And that's it! Test with a known-good, small file first. Also, .htaccess files cannot change this configuration setting, and it cannot be changed using ini_set().

Alternative 3 (workaround): You may download one of many free programs that resize images. Albums only show new galleries made with NGG 2.1.46, possibly also some that are a bit older. VesaT @vesat 2 months, 3 weeks ago @photocrati - the problem here is that "test gallery" is a normal gallery within an album and should show up as gallery thumbnail It Here are some common image resolutions and their memory use in GD (assuming RGB): Screen resolution name Width Height Memory usage Aspect ratio QVGA 320 x 240 0.2 MB 4 :

This is as expected. Only the person who actually administers the webserver (i.e. Therefore, you better ask your webhost for support if you have issues with ressource limitations or other questions that related to webserver setup. If the path appears to be correct, make sure that the coppermine script has permissions to read and execute the convert executable within the ImageMagick folder.

Suggested fixes There is (at least in theory) no limit in Coppermine to the file size or dimensions that the script can handle. See the first post in this thread.