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Error Trying To Access Httpd.conf File Php Iis

Next, look for a line that says: Configuration file. This requires you to stop all internet services on your computer i.e IIS. Moved php.ini from E:\PHP to C:\WINDOWS
b. Ran the "test.php".

Muito obrigado pela ajuda. The urlscan logfile (same place) should give you some insight into what parameter is preventing a page from loading, if any. up down -1 phper at www dot thewindowshelp dot com Then i go to install PHP, i unpack php in C:/php and i do rename php.ini-development to php.ini, i search for doc_root and add there doc_root = "C:\htdocs". mkdir sites/default/files Note:On most linux systems, a newly created directory is already setup with the 755 permission.

The problem will be resolved. Some hosting providers allow a similar operation through the dashboard file manager. Manual settings.php Overview Drupal 6, 7 and 8 come with a sample settings.php configuration file located at: sites/default/default.settings.php Before you run the installation script (install.php), you need to copy default.settings.php file

New to Drupal 8 in the sites/default folder, is a file named PHP code is distributed under the GNU General Public License. After the installation, you will need to restrict the permissions again. But you can also use the following commands, for a much faster "turnaround".

click into "web service extensions" from IIS and either add a new web service extension, or click onto "all unknown ISAPI extensions" and click allow. up down -2 claudio_jvt at hotmail Also make sure you modify your httpd.conf to load "php5apache2_4.dll" if you are using Apache 2.4.x. Ran "test-php-ini-loaded.php" to check whether my php.ini is loaded. using filemon i saw that it was being accessed and access was denied.

- right click on this file > properties > security > add > location (select

So I created a clean step by step tutorial with screenshots: up down -9 Shivan at Freenet dot de ¶9 years ago I had the Stopped and started IIS
d. open the file in notepad, look for extension=php_mysql.dll, uncomment it, i.e., delete ";" thats prefixed...also look for "extension_dir=" append "C:\php\ext" incase ur php installation directory is php else "C:\%installation dir%\ext"
Step O instalador do PHP não teve permissão de escrita no arquivo httpd.conf - Neste caso execute o instalado como Administrador (botão direito=>Executar como Administrador).

You want to run different versions of PHP for different websites, or even just different extensions. see here Just in case i did the same in the rest of the folder inside the php folder.

I wish nobody loose an all day in the same thing, like me.
5. O modo CLI oferece a opção de execução sem a necessidade de instalação de um servidor, pois, passa a contar com um servidor interno.

Several FTP tools like Filezilla, Transmit, and Fetch allow you to change file permissions, using a 'file attribute' or 'get info' command. This help j Next menu item k Previous menu item g p Previous man page g n Next man page G Scroll to bottom g g Scroll to top g h If you pick a apache-needing extension you can always uninstall and re-run the installer. After multiple tries over several versions, my conclusion it is NOT worth the tiny bit of time it saves.

Run the installer a *second* time, using the same settings as above. reply June 27, 2011 - 12:48pm — ricocheting Answer I honestly don't know. There is an other file with the name 'php5apache.dll'. Using only "./ext/" or any relative path will have your PHP failing to load extensions when called by Apache.

The -nts- part of your file name means you downloaded the incorrect Non Thread Safe version which, among other things, doesn't have the required file. eg;file:///C:/public_html/test.html However, if it is a PHP file, it doesn't work. Test by running an info() from the web server.

I have used this install on over 100 installs of 2003/IIS web servers.

reply September 18, 2011 - 8:55am — Anonymous Php downloads Make sure everything is typed exactly as stated.

if this doesn't help check out and search "Call to undefined function mysql_connect". (i got the solution to this problem from here) up down -3 Ben ¶10 years ago 4. (plus MySQL 5.1, etc.)

My file was named: Warning against PHP Installer I would NOT use the "PHP Installer" version. Responder Citar Zero Fernandes Re: WIndows 7 + Apache 2.2.16 + PHP 5.2.14/5.3.3 16 de March de 2012 às 01:34PM Veja tutorial de instalação para o Apache a PHP e o This has been driving me nuts. That worked easily. up down 0 fabrizio dot barbarino at uniud dot it ¶9 years ago In order to enable your x64 version of Windows 2003 Server executing the

This is because the order of where to look for the .ini file changed
between previous PHP versions and PHP 5.2, as documented at

Edit c:\windows\php.ini to enable any extensions you may need and to set the extension directory to c:/php/ext

All should be good to go. Ran "test-php-ini-loaded.php" to check if my php.ini is loaded. reply Main menuHome Javascripts PHP Scripts Apache on Windows Technical Documents Apache on WindowsInstalling Apache Installing PHP Installing MySQL Installing Perl Other Software Sharing Server Scripts & design created 2000-2016

Using the above method I am able to install PHP in under 2 min. If your FTP client has checkboxes for setting permissions, check both the Read and Write boxes for "Owner", "Group", and "Others" (but leave the Execute boxes unchecked). Using phpinfo(); is useful here.
3. Some hosting providers have a file manager on the dashboard where the file can be copied and renamed.

reply February 20, 2011 - 8:26pm — ricocheting Answer: file:// vs http:// Any URL that starts with file:// means that the browser is simply opening the file directly off your computer For example: