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Error Trying To Validate Certificate From Using Ocsp

Help Resources Installing Java Remove Older Versions Disable Java Using Java General Questions Mobile Java Security Support Options Select Language | About Java | Support | Developers | Feedback Privacy | How does it work? (briefly) If it's not over HTTP then it won't work over web proxies (we only have the web proxy enabled on our firewall). A failure to get a proper response is also a serious issue. I do not see why a failed OCSP transaction should > be considered more serious than a potential man-in-the-middle attack.

Then, the client searches through the CRL for the serial number of the certificate to make sure that it hasn't been revoked. OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) and Revoked Certificates Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) has largely replaced the use of CRLs to check SSL Certificate revocation. We're not affiliated or endorsed by the Mozilla Corporation but we love them just the same. On the Proxy Settings page, select a server proxy setting and review your WinHTTP settings: Server Proxy Settings: Select the appropriate settings: 64-Bit Setting or 32-Bit Setting.

Reproducible: Always Steps to Reproduce: 1. Both CRLs and OCSP (default and recommended) You might also be interested in: What should I do when I see a security prompt from Java? I would like there to be a button "Verify using OCSP" tohelp be debug this.I did go through all my VeriSign certificates in CertificateManager->Authorities, and all their Issued on/Expires On validitydates OpenSSL: Manually verify a certificate against an OCSPHomeArticlesOpenSSL: Manually verify a certificate against an OCSP07-04-2014 | Remy van Elst Table of ContentsThis article shows you how to manually verfify a certificate

Having a stricter security policy is nice, but when the implementation fails, and users have to turn off the extra security the user perception may be that Mozilla is less secure RSS Feed HomeAll PagesBashMonitoringSSLDebianPythonVPNUbuntunginxOpenstackAnsible Inception Hosting Affiliate Link Digital Ocean Affiliate Link, $10 free credit. However, this is balanced by the practical need to maintain a cache. In the Certificate window, click Details, and then, in the Show drop-down list select Extensions Only.

All certificates in the chain of trust (default and recommended) This option will check for all the certificates used by the application. Board index All times are UTC - 8 hours [ DST ] Login FAQ / Rules Register Search Boards : Knowledge Base: knowledge base chat about fr ja es mozillaZine is Do this: nslookup or ping So, the "bug" here is that sun is using certs on their public https servers that refer to an OCSP server that sun has original site We can retreive this with the following openssl command: openssl s_client -connect 2>&1 < /dev/null | sed -n '/-----BEGIN/,/-----END/p' Save this output to a file, for example, wikipedia.pem: openssl s_client

I believe an actual OCSP server (probably Verisign) was down today. For example, in Chrome: In the address bar of the browser, to the left of the address, click the lock. If the DigiCert Utility is able to reach the DigiCert CRL server, you should receive a "successfully reached" message. Comment 1 Alfred Kayser 2002-09-17 13:50:33 PDT This bug is blocked access to 'secure' site, so severity should be higher than 'enhancement', at least 'normal', but this is a 'major' thing,

Error Code: -8073" or code -5961. This error is misleading because it makes the problem sound as if the certificate has been revoked. My clock is correct, so I set abouttrying to debug my certificates.I turn off OCSP verification, and examine the site's certificate with"Page Info". Comment 2 2002-10-18 14:53:02 PDT Just closed down my personal firewall.

For example, in Internet Explorer: In the address bar of the browser, to the right of the address, click the lock and then click View certificates. Comment 7 James Rome 2004-04-20 16:07:18 PDT I could disable OSCP, but then I have no checking. If you are using a 64-bit server, you should test both of these settings. The client is online, afterall. (At least in the case of the browser) Comment 16 Aleksey Nogin 2006-07-14 18:56:40 PDT Well, the "the URL does not match the certificate" is currently

Then, in the certificates Details in the Certificate Extensions, select Authority Information Access to see the issuing CA's URL for their OCSP. Nelson B. Comment 4 Nelson Bolyard (seldom reads bugmail) 2004-04-20 12:59:21 PDT Sorry folks, this is not a bug in mozilla. Using the -showcerts option with openssl s_client, we can see all the certificates, including the chain: openssl s_client -connect -showcerts 2>&1 < /dev/null Results in a boatload of output, but

Comment 3 Torben 2002-10-24 07:58:19 PDT Probably a dupe of bug 158141. Access Type: If no proxy is configured, it displays Direct Access. Make sure your time and timezone settings are correct.

Comment 10 simon annear 2004-12-06 19:37:56 PST With regards to the wording and options....

Comment 3 John Unruh 2002-07-10 09:41:21 PDT V Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug. James, You could disable OCSP checking and that should allow you to download the software. With OCSP set to 'Use OCSP ... This is bug 151271.

I have no problem reacing with OCSP turned on. This bug is about what happens when the validation process itself fails, not about what happens when it succeeds, but finds out that the cert is revoked. With OCSP turned off: it loads as it should. Actual Results: Error dialog appears with the following message: Error trying to validate certificate from using OCSP - directory lookup error.

If proxy servers are configured, it displays the configured proxy servers. (e.g. If the CA has revoked the server's certificate, you should not get to visit the site. I am using the Sky Pilot Classic Trunk theme, but is also occurs with the default theme. OCSP is off by default.

IE says "Revocation information for the security certificate for this site is not available. Microsoft Exchange 2010 Error: "The certificate status could not be determined because the revocation check failed." Microsoft Exchange 2010 was designed to check a certificate's revocation status, to prevent administrators from I tested this again with the latest nightly build with Firefox on W2K. Comment 8 John Unruh 2002-11-07 08:57:21 PST OCSP does not work through a proxy - bug 111384.

The secured URL is It is easy as well as philanthropic (plug some Greek) to download the UD Agent which enrols you to United Devices and runs their distributed cancer Before Java will attempt to launch a signed application, the associated certificate will be validated to ensure that it has not been revoked by the issuing authority. Last Comment Bug171152 - "Error trying to validate certificate from using OCSP - directory lookup error" when accessing any secured page of that site Summary: "Error trying to validate certificate You cannot valdiate it against an OCSP.

Watch! Without OCSP, and without a "Certificate Revocation List"from the issuing CA, mozilla simply doesn't check the cers for revocation.--Nelson BolyardDisclaimer: I speak for myself, not for Netscape u*** 2002-10-29 02:05:36 UTC Comment 6 Julien Pierre 2004-04-20 14:43:51 PDT Nelson, is an internal site. Using OCSP, clients do not need to parse CRLs themselves, saving client-side complexity.

Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) This method performs a real time certificate status check with CA making it more reliable and faster. Options for certificate revocation checking: Publishers certificate only This option will check for a certificate associated with the publisher. Different options are available within the Java Control Panel to configure how the revocation checks are performed for the application you are trying to run. BolyardPost by fecundUsing Mozilla 1.2 alpha, and having trouble accessing many sites when" Error trying to validate certificate from secure3.ingdirect.comusing OCSP - response contains a date which is in the future.