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error -413 btNoSpace: Can't allocate disk space. when i went to open the limewire.bin icon, it said "could not open application because an error -39 occured". Select "Disk Images" from the list on the left, then turn off (uncheck) "Mount Disk Images". Stuffit Expander has ShrinkWrap technology built-in, which allows it to mount some kinds of disk images - but not .smi ones. check over here

Picture sample attachments in posts must not include copyright infringement. 6. Signature Great wits are sure to madness near allied.--John Dryden, "Absalom and Achitophel" TMO Observer Total Posts: 47141 Member Since: 1969-12-31 Send Message [ Ignore ] Posted: 17 Video links may only be posted after you have a tally of two forum posts. F&A Home Search A-Z Index Directories MyRIT F&A LEADERSHIP Leadership Staff Senior Vice President EMPLOYMENT SERVICES Career Zone Human Resources Student Employment FINANCIAL SERVICES Accounting Budget Controller Payroll Student Financial Services

Ayuda en español, . This result code indicates that a connection already exists. error -410 notBTree: The file is not a dictionary. Gnutella Forums > Current Gnutella Client Forums > LimeWire+WireShare (Cross-platform) > Technical Support > General Mac OSX Support > General Mac Support mac os error -39 User Name Remember Me?

Signatures may be used as long as they are not offensive or sexually explicit or used for commercial advertising. error -3150 kOTBadAddressErr: The specified protocol address was in an incorrect format or contained illegal information. Apple put effort in Mac OS 8 and 9 to eliminate the conditions that presented this error, and to describe the actual error more accurately if one did occur. Sincerely, DanDaMan

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ID=17 through ID=24 Missing Packages 0-7 The Macintosh uses packages to do specific tasks. error -3172 kOTAddressBusyErr: The requested address is in use, or this endpoint does not support multiple connections with the same local and remote addresses. Post your question, comment, or complaint only once. bigbiker Total Posts: 7 Member Since: 2002-02-05 Send Message [ Ignore ] Posted: 22 March 2002 09:22 AM #3 Typically a message is generated by Stuffit Expander cutting in where it

error -6228 kDMDriverNotDisplayMgrAwareErr: Video Driver does not support display manager. If those routines aren't available, you see this error. How would I install it?

Top Login or register to post comments May 12, 2007 - 9:37am #6 AG-Wolf Offline Joined: Dec 20 2003 Posts: 136 if downloading anything on Multiple segments allow loading parts of the program into memory to provide more room for data in internal RAM.

January 14, 2005 - 2:25am #1 williamahearn Offline Joined: Aug 15 2004 Posts: 359 minus sense You can download an error code decoder from the link above.

Top Login error -23009 insufficientResources: 64 TCP or UDP streams are already open. This error is also returned when the structType field is inconsistent with the endpoint type. BTW, what's the file and on which Mac/OS?

In other applications, using an Import or Insert command from inside a new document frequently works around the problem. check my blog Troubleshooting System Errors It's a good idea to save your work frequently, and keep current backup copies of your hard disk data. You can use them to interpret what is happening when your Macintosh gives these errors. error -13005 pmRecvEndErr: during receive pmgr did not finish hs configured for this connection error -13004 pmRecvStartErr: during receive pmgr did not start hs error -13003 pmSendEndErr: during send pmgr did

error -3173 kOTIndOutErr: There are outstanding connection indications on the endpoint. The book is split into a number of sections; the manner in which data is transported between systems, routing principles and protocols, applications and services, security, and Wide Area communications. The solution - double-click Stuffit Expander, and open its Preferences (under the File menu). Basically, the machine on which it is being run does not support the command (for example, a 68020 instruction execution attempt on a 68000).

more Macintosh Support York, Harrisburg, and Lancaster, PA. error -123 wrgVolTypErr: Wrong volume type error [operation not supported for MFS] error -122 badMovErr: Move into offspring error error -121 tmwdoErr: No free WDCB available error -120 dirNFErr: Directory not All postings and use of the content on this site are subject to the Apple Support Communities Terms of Use.

error -23014 invalidWDS: The WDS pointer was 0 (nil).

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Top Login or register to post Thank You! ID=02 Address Error The Motorola 68000 microprocessor can access memory in increments of one byte (8 bits), one word (16 bits), or one long word (32 bits). error -309 smBLFieldBad: ByteLanes field was bad.

When the 68000 encounters such an instruction, it looks it up in the instruction table. Resreved field <> 0. The Search function is most useful. Warez, copyright violation, or any other illegal activity may NOT be linked or expressed in any form.

Topics discussing techniques for violating these laws and messages containing locations of web sites or other servers hosting illegal content will be silently removed. error -23017 duplicateSocket: A stream is already open using the local UDP port or a TCP connection already exists between the local IP address and TCP port, and the specified remote et . An overflow condition results if a generated number is too big for its allotted space.

Español? . . . . The book provides a complete guide to the protocols that comprise the Internet Protocol Suite, more commonly referred to as TCP/IP. error -1727 errAENotAnObjSpec: Param to AEResolve not of type 'obj ' error -1726 errAEBadTestKey: Test is neither typeLogicalDescriptor nor typeCompDescriptor error -1725 errAENoSuchLogical: Something other than AND OR or NOT error error -23016 commandTimeout: The specified command action was not completed in the specified time period.

If you know of a category of errors that are not included here, please let me know. error -416 btKeyLenErr: Maximum key length is too long or equal to zero. error -23004 ipBadAddr: Error in getting an address from a server or the address is already in use by another machine. Luckily, there's a good way to get rid of it: upgrade to Mac OS 8 or later.

error -23007 connectionExists: The TCP or UDP stream already has an open connection. Some of the instructions can only be executed in Supervisor mode.