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Error Unknown Fpp Directive

Username: Password: Have you forgotten your login information? For example: #define long_macro_name(x,\ y) x*y Function-like macro definition The number of macro call arguments should be the same as the number of arguments in the corresponding macro definition. The only exception is the case when this symbol occurs within a constant-expression in #if and #elif directives (See above). White space (SPACE or TAB characters) can appear after the initial '#' for proper indentation. this content

TH Is it appropriate to tell my coworker my mom passed away? vadefs.h(151): #error: unknown fpp directive. I have no idea what that's all about. The constant-expression in all intervening #elif directives evaluated to .FALSE.

Your cache administrator is webmaster. They are: fpp directive names. in src: configure --prefix=$HYPRE_HOME/lahey/lam --with-F77=lf95 --with-mpi-include=$LAM_HOME/lahey/include also include --with-F77FLAGS=-fno-second-underscore for Gnu related compilers make setenv HYPRE_INSTALL_DIR $HYPRE_HOME/lahey/lam make install hypre version 1.9.0b ------ Example for Lahey f95 and LAM To use Linux_P4SSE2) which I refer to as below.

The C operation '!=' (not equal) can be used in #if or #elif directive, but NOT in #define directive, where the symbol '!' is considered as the Fortran comment symbol. #ifdefname build as normal which should hopefully work around the problem by no longer compiling code which contains Fortran 2003 features, including this file. When the application requires a different compilation for different Fortran 90 compilers, I put a separate subdirectory of the home directory for each compiler, and put library and module files in Also download and untar a ModelE source tarball in any directory.Step 3 - Copy filesOpen up modelE/templates/.R.

ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection to failed. LAM --- On Fedora Core 6, prebuilt LAM is in: libraries: /usr/lib/lam include: /usr/include/lam executables: /usr/bin, some have nonstandard names starting with lam LAM Version 7.1.1 unpack tar ball in a Copy these files from the untarred directory into the Visual Studio Solution directory located in Step 2. In general, the home directory contains lib and include subdirectories with the libraries and include files (after installation), but the details depend on the philosophy of the application.

Right click the "Source Files" item and select "Add > Existing Item...":In this dialog, navigate to the Visual Studio Solution directory from Step 2, and select all of the source code If you really are stuck with this compiler then, starting from scratch: 1. crtdefs.h(2109): #error: unknown fpp directive. make This will ask several questions; the answers seem pretty obvious.

more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Science why not try these out Here is a partial list of symbols that may be predefined, depending upon the architecture of the system: Operating System unix , __unix , and __SVR4 Hardware sun, __sun, sparc, and Otherwise, if hostfile is omitted all processes run on the local host. How would they learn astronomy, those who don't see the stars?

BLACS ----- BLACS Version 1.1, patch level 3 mpiblacs.tgz, mpiblacs-patch03.tgz from netlib. news Edit configs/default and change INSTALL_DIR to the installation directory, e.g. /local/apps/mesa Edit configs/linux to remove -DHAVE_POSIX_MEMALIGN, because LAM's free() and posix_memalign() don't play together nicely. The line number and filename where the error occurred are printed along with the diagnostic. ompi_info gives information about the installation run program with: mpiexec -hostfile -np hostfile is not needed for batch systems like PBS.

lamboot) available from $LAM_HOME (which is /local/apps/lam in this case): --prefix=/local/apps/lam --without-fc '--with-rsh=ssh -f' --without-mpi2cpp --without-romio mv or cp the doc directory to $LAM_HOME MESA ---- Mesa Version 7.0.3 If you Search them for "before" for the changes.) setenv PETSC_DIR `pwd` setenv PETSC_ARCH linux ./configure --prefix= --with-cc=mpicc --with-fc=mpif90 --with-debugging=0 --with-x=0 make make install clean up with: make allclean The NAG compiler Because the existing LAPACK library being merged with this was compiled with g77 (/usr/lib/liblapack.a on Linux), this will require linking in g2c, so might as well just make one version of have a peek at these guys Thus, there will be no warning when preprocessing such a macro definition.

There is the '-P' option (See above) which disables the generation of these lines. fpp comments are suitable for excluding the compilation of large portions of source instead of commenting every line with Fortran comment symbols. Synopsis fpp[options][input-file[output-file]] Description fpp is the preprocessor for the NAGWare f95 compiler.

ARPACK_HOME) to give the root directory of the installation of an application.

Other files (e.g. others. You might want to edit /src/mesa/main/config.h to change DEFAULT_SOFTWARE_DEPTH_BITS to 31 to fix a transparency problem where a hidden side of a surface comes through the front. Fortran logical constants: .TRUE., .FALSE.

For g77 related compilers, add -fno-second-underscore to OPTF For the NAG compiler, need additional flags (add to OPTF) -kind=byte because they use KIND=8 explicitly -w=all because they have a lot of This directive appears as #line-number file-name -Uname Remove any initial definition of name, where name is a fpp variable that is predefined by a particular preprocessor. Look in the manual what are your other possibilities. –Vladimir F Apr 13 '15 at 16:39 One possible approach could be to put some obvious junk that the compiler Thus, #include files with names enclosed in double-quotes (") are searched for first in the directory of the file with the #include line, then in directories named with -I options, and

Build Zoltan after DRUM. No additional tokens are permitted in the directive line after the final `"' or `>'. symbolic names including Fortran keywords. Thanks.

By default for this form the 'space' symbol is the delimiter of tokens. -Ydirectory Use the specified directory in place of the standard list of directories when searching for #include files. Files with '.F' extension are assumed to be in fixed form. Each such directive must have a matching #endif. Turn this off by specifying -c_com=no -Dname Define the preprocessor variable name as 1 (one).