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Socket Error 111 Connection Refused


EHTABLEFULL (200)The global host table is full. EDHCPSERVNORESP (600)DHCP server not responding. Reply With Quote 15-04-12 #6 Hmix View Profile View Forum Posts Gift Subscription Account Inactive InactiveRank Apr 2012 Join Date 7Posts Re: socket 5 code111! If you are getting an ECONNREFUSED that is an affirmative response - at the raw socket layer - from the remote host saying "I hear you knocking but no one is have a peek here

char_name_option: 1 // Set the letters/symbols that you want use with the 'char_name_option' option. // Note: Don't add spaces unless you mean to add 'space' to the list. help_txt: conf/help.txt help2_txt: conf/help2.txt charhelp_txt: conf/charhelp.txt // Maps: import: conf/maps_athena.conf import: conf/import/map_conf.txt this is the error of my ./char-server [Status]: Memory manager initialised: log/char-server.leaks rAthena Development Team presents ___ EIFACEOPENFAIL (117)An attempt to open an interface failed. Try entering the hostname or IP address, not a URL (e.g.

Socket Error 111 Connection Refused

This means that you cannot reply to this topic. 1 reply to this topic #1 eVoL eVoL New Member Members 8 posts Posted 06 October 2012 - 10:32 PM i got Call xn_ppp_down to reset the state information before retrying xn_lcp_open. ERTNOTFOUND (136)Routing Table entry not found. The table used to hold secrets for CHAP has 5 slots.

Try temporarily turning off the Windows firewall or any other software firewall you are running.10061 - Connection refused. db_path: db // Enable the @guildspy and @partyspy at commands? // Note that enabling them decreases packet sending performance. Watch these 9 videos. Socket Error Code 10060 map_ip: // Map Server Port map_port: 5121 //Time-stamp format which will be printed before all messages. //Can at most be 20 characters long. //Common formats: // %I:%M:%S %p (hour:minute:second 12

default = 60. // NOTE: Even if this is disabled, expired IP bans will be cleaned up on login server start/stop. // Players will still be able to login if an Socket Error 111 Ppsspp Then show us anything that would resemble an error message? The host name returned by the server is longer 100 characters. noname007 commented Sep 13, 2016 👍 Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub.

here's my config files. Socket Error Code 0 EBADRESP (110)Invalid ping response. Any debugging ideas? if is entered, then change it to

Socket Error 111 Ppsspp

The client makes a connection request by trying to meet with the server on the server's machine and port. Socket Error 111 Connection Refused use_grf: no // Console Commands // Allow for console commands to be used on/off // This prevents usage of >& log.file console: off // Database autosave time // All characters are Python Socket Error 111 Map_conf //-------------------------------------------------------------- //rAthena Map-Server Configuration File //-------------------------------------------------------------- // Note: "Comments" are all text on the right side of a double slash "//" // Whatever text is commented will not be parsed

This could also occur if the remote host is not responding to an ARP request. navigate here The buffer containing the PPP packet was invalid. ENAME_TOO_LONG (204)DNS name is too long. save_log: yes // Starting point for new characters // Format: ,, start_point: new_1-1,53,111 // Starting items for new characters // Max number of items is MAX_STARTITEM in char.c (default 32) // Socket Error Code 10061

ESNMPFULL (401)Trap manager table full. Note:Along with the errors listed above, there are several other socket errors that can possibly occur. log_inter: 1 // Inter Log Filename inter_log_filename: log/inter.log // Level range for sharing within a party party_share_level: 15 // SQL version options only // You can specify the codepage to use If your // server rarely crashes, but experiences interserver lag, you may want to set // these off.

ESNMPNOTFOUND (402)Trap manager not found in table. Socket Error Code 10053 date_format: %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S // Required account group id to connect to server. // -1: disabled // 0 or more: group id group_id_to_connect: -1 // Minimum account group id required to connect If this error occurs, increase CFG_MCLISTSIZE.

The amount of time to wait is controlled by a parameter to xn_lcp_open.

Anyway, it seems like a good practice to put your url fetching code in a try: ... EBADCOMMNUM (106)Invalid COM port number. sampletask Inline Padding Sample (task) sampletask Workflow Loop Sample (workflow) blogpost Code-Free Database Automation (On-Demand Webinar) blogpost Automation for *Your* Organization: How Business Process Automation Solved Three Unique Business Challenges blogpost Socket Error Code 10065 EIFACECLOSED (145)Interface closed.

The table has room for 6 hosts. im just new here, i don't know if my post is right. This error occurs when no incoming call is detected in the given timeout. This error occurs when a DCU could not be allocated.

How to prove it isn't your code? If you are receiving a socket error code that is not listed above, please refer to the following MSDN site for a complete listing:Window Sockets Error CodesAdditionally, if you are encountering thanks for the help. An attempt to add a trap manager to the trap manager table was made, but the specified manager is already in the table.

login_log_filename: log/login.log // To log the login server? // NOTE: The login-sql server needs the login logs to enable dynamic pass failure bans. You need to see a SYN-flagged packet outgoing, a SYN+ACK-flagged incoming and then a ACK-flagged outgoing. connection error Results 1 to 9 of 9 Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page… 03-04-12 #1 shuy12 View Profile View Forum Posts Gift Subscription Member MemberRank Apr 2011 Join EBADMASK (109)Invalid mask.

The output list size is limited by calling xn_interface_opt using IO_MAX_OUTPUT_QUE. This error is reported by xn_rtip_init if initialization of resources such as signals or semaphores, or spawning a task failed. Back to top #7 Vy Low Vy Low Poporing Members 155 posts Posted 16 September 2013 - 06:08 AM log.sql is located in your trunk sql-files Back to top #8 jasonjay This error occurs during xn_ping if an invalid response to a ping request is received.

ENETUNREACH (118)Network unreachable (keep alive failed). or else guild emblems won't work client-side! char_name_letters: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890 // How many Characters are allowed per Account ? (0 = disabled) // You can not exceed the limit of MAX_CHARS slots, defined in mmo.h // Doing that, Show you're human.

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